Monday, 9 January 2012

Croissants again!

Hmmm I'd not made croissants for a long, long time. But new flat, new kitchen, new oven. I just had to try them all out. And what better recipe than my old favourite? So on Sunday morning I got up bright and early and set to. Flour, butter, yeast, salt, milk... I had all the ingredients for some buttery, flaky decadance.

And just look how they came out! Absolutely deelish.

Bon appetit!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Some of the things I made in 2011

Sarah, Percy and Billgrannies all overpastel swirling bagLipbalm keyringsTiny swirling bagPincushion jar
Crochet doodle flowersTeddy doudou comfort blanket foldedStripesRed baby shoesOrganic cotton and recycled paper boxBunny rattle
Baby rainbow sandalsBaby shoes blue/greyFelt chick broochFour new owlsLlama wormMiguel llama
Pink perfumed heartRed heartsquarter-hour kittyamigurumi robotLip balm holdersOllie the owl
Made in 2011 , a set on Flickr.

Hello there!
I hope the year has started well for you. Lots of things changed for me in 2011, mostly because of my move. Luckily, nothing drastic. But I know that some people who are close to me had difficult years, so I would like to dedicate this little post to them.
I put together this little set of things I made in 2011 and lots of them have a story behind them. Most of them were gifts. Charlie my great-nephew received the robot. My friend's baby got the little rabbit rattle. I offered the hearts to Nelly when she was diagnosed with cancer. The llama worm was sent to my son's friend Simon as a funny surprise.The sitting-up llama was a farewell gift for my friend Maria when she went back to Norway.  Some of the baby shoes were gifts for friends' new babies. The carrot and stripy lip balm holders were presents for my sister Liz. The two little bags were gifts for Rio and Charlotte. And the granny pouffes and armrests are here beside me in my living room.
I'm now sitting here and pondering on the coming year, and what I'd like to make. My daughter has asked for a blanket. I'm hoping to sell some product at our local organic market. But apart from that, I guess we'll just have to see what life brings.
I hope that you'll all be healthy (the most important of all), happy, and I wish you lots of crafty goodness in 2012!