Thursday, 1 August 2013

Daisy baby blanket

Hello there!

Do you remember the daisy baby square I made in June? Well, it ended up  being my project for the summer, and came out as a very cute little blanket.

Because I ran out of blue yarn, the blanket is small, 84 cm long and 64 cm wide, but fine for a carry cot, moses basket or car seat. It would be easy to make it bigger just by adding more squares. I joined the squares using the "join as you go" method, which was so easy and works beautifully!

So, I made ten daisy baby squares and ten more blue and white granny squares (1 round blue, 3 rounds white, 1 round blue) and joined them with a further round of white yarn. For the border, I did one round of dc in yellow, then one round in white of puff stitches, but the border came out a bit too big for the blanket so I might change it. It would look nice with a simple shell border too.

Here's another picture of the whole blanket (which I've just noticed I took on the "wrong" side, oops!):