Friday, 2 July 2010


I have quite a stash of yarn and I must admit I often give in to temptation when I see beautiful yarn reduced in the sales. I recently picked up some orange and yellow yarn and hopefully you'll eventually see what I made with it. At the same shop I bought a new bag of polyester stuffing, but when I got hope I started to think about recycling.
I try to recycle lots of things. The plastic bags that the organic sliced bread we eat comes in are used again and again, I even take paper bags with me when I go shopping to avoid using new ones. I do keep things that "might come in useful" and they often do eventually. Today I bought a beautiful skirt in the sales but it's slightly transparent. I don't own an underskirt, but I had kept an old black viscose skirt whose waistband had gone loose and that had become very thin and soft, but that I couldn't bring myself to throw away. So I cut off the old waistband, and turned a hem in the top of it, thread through a piece of elastic and voilà I have a recycled underskirt!
I also own lots of polyester scarves, some of which are worn out too so I've cut them into small pieces and will be using them as stuffing for a future amigurumi project. I'm sure it's also possible to recycle yarn but I don't have any old jumpers to unthread so I'll make my way through my stash first. Do any of you have further recyling ideas?


  1. Aisha,

    No real ideas for you but...

    I always without fail use reusable Jute bags to carry my shopping home in...I have ones from every large supermarket.

    Clare xx

  2. I have heard of using yarn odds and ends for stuffing as well. I try to use any starting end in my piece for the little tiny things it takes up half of it.

  3. Clare,
    I find the supermarket bags too big so I made my own small re-usable shopping bag from two pillow cases :-) it's here:

    I do the same thing with little fingers and toes, for example :D wow that sounds weird!

  4. lol what little kids are you stuffing :)

  5. Aisha,

    You are one clever lady

    C x

  6. Awww Clare you're going to make me blush :D

    Thanks for the compliment xxxx