Saturday, 28 August 2010

Something different for a change

Felt flower
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I have so many pending crochet projects! Another little monster is on the way, a cat, a teddy... My problem is I start things then get bored with them and start something new. Don't worry, I do go back to them and end up finishing them off eventually :-)
I keep lots of my photos on flickr, and it's also a great place to get inspiration. A fellow flickr crafter, Eloisa, has made some very nice comments on my crochet, and I went to have a look at her photostream too. She is so clever! I especially love the things she does with felt, and that inspired me to make this little felt flower. It's not as good as Eloisa's but was very quick to make and I think it's rather sweet, and not bad for a first time.


  1. Aisah,

    Looks very good to me. I will say it again you are so talented.

    I get bored with my cross stitch sometimes and have a long break and then go back to it ..just started on a big(ish) picture of Polperro (in Cornwall) as it's our favourite place and holds lots of happy memories for us. Jon wants it framed when I've finished..yikes it better be good!

    Happy felting

    Clare xx

  2. Hello!!!
    I'm like you! I have a lot of projects that I started but it's not finished yet!!! But we crafters need some time!!!
    You're felt flower is lovely!!! And I think that you'll have a lot of others ideas with felt too!!!
    Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate them!!!
    Take care and creativity for us all!!!