Sunday, 3 April 2011

Just a little word about comments

I'm so thrilled by the springtime sunshine and my latest projects, but before I post about them I just wanted to add a special post on ... comments.
I know (hope!) there are lots of people who read my blog but who choose not to make any comments, and that's fine. But if you would like to leave a comment but haven' t been able to, now you can!
Thanks to the kind advice of a friend and fellow blogger, I have enabled the comments so you can use them, even if you don't own a google, yahoo, etc, account. Just click on the comments link below, and in the drop-down list "Comment as" select Name/URL. If you don' t have a URL it doesn't matter, it will still work. You can also comment anonymously, but I would love to know at least what your name is.
AND you can also tell me with a simple click what you think of each post.
More exciting stuff coming soon, I promise :-)