Thursday, 30 October 2014

Five months later

Hi folks, yes it's just over five months since my last post and I reckoned it was time to come back to my blog and get back up to date again.

First of all, I cannot crochet at all at the moment. A month ago, I fell in the street and broke my left wrist. My wrist is in a cast and will remain so until 19th November, when I go back to the hospital to have the pins removed. Then I'll need physio to get everything back to normal.

I can't go to work, I can't crochet, typing is a tedious one-handed job, and it takes me almost an hour to get up and dressed in the morning. Not to mention how my wardrobe is now limited to the clothes that are easy to put on (no zips!) and that fit over the cast.

But I decided not to whine about it. My husband helps me when I need it. I can still use my camera a bit. I at last took a photo of Charles in his finished state :) I can still write. And I can still draw. And drawing is what I've been doing most of. Here are some of my drawings. I hope you like them