Saturday, 16 March 2013

Spring at last?

I don't know if where you live it has been quite so cold and grey as it has been here. It felt as if winter had been around for months and months. And I was quite ill this winter, with a bad cough and cold that kept coming and going, and coming back again, and a horrible week with a very sore back.

But enough whingeing. Today I went out to the market, as I usually do on a Saturday morning, and the sun was shining! The sky was blue! It even felt a tiny weeny bit warm. Yay! The mountains I can see from our flat are still capped with snow, but with a beautiful blue sky above them. It's amazing how much a sunny sky can lift your spirits!

Here's something else that made me feel happy. Lovely, cute baby goats.

"Hmm what a tasty post"

This one kept jumping on its mum's back. It was so funny.

"There's only room for one"

On the crochet front, I'm desperately trying to finish off some crochet gifts that I'll be taking to England in April. Hoping to show them to you very soon!

I hope Spring has started to show its pretty face wherever you are. Keep smiling!

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