Saturday, 19 April 2014

Fun with felt

My mobile phone, which I've had since 2008 (yes, that's six years ago) has been on the blink for a while. It couldn't find the phone network any more, and in order to send texts from my home, I had to hold it out of the window.

So I decided to treat myself to a new phone and I found a reasonably-priced phone that suits me fine. And once I had the phone, it needed a case, of course. In the end I made three. Mine is the one on the left with a rabbit on it. The idea for the design came from the drawings I'd made for my crochet rabbit pattern. The middle design is for my husband. And the one on the right I made for a friend at work.

Felt is such a wonderful material. It's easy to cut, it doesn't fray, it's thick and soft. I've even received some orders for custom phone cases for my friends and colleagues. 

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