Friday, 16 July 2010

Japanese goodies

My friend Nobuko has just come back from a holiday in Japan to visit her family and she brought me back the cutest Japanese goodies. Thank you my dear friend!
The box is just delightful and I must say the illustration has already got me planning another amigurumi rabbit. I'm sure I've seen a pattern somewhere that looks like this little bunny. Not only that, but the sweets inside the box are just as cute and very tasty too. They have a soft sponge outside and a moist almond paste centre. Yummy yummy I definitely feel inspired!
Later: I found the pattern I was thinking of. It's here:


  1. Aisha,

    You can't possibly eat them!!

    C x

  2. Clare, I'm sorry to have to admit that the box is already half finished. It's a good job I took the photo!