Saturday, 17 July 2010

Tiny snail

Every Saturday I go to our local market, and I buy lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and other salad goods from a local organic farmer. The food is really good and fresh and my family looks forward to Saturdays when lunch is invariably a fresh crisp salad with tiny new potatoes and cottage cheese.
There is also a fruit seller who only sells fruit in season. The cherries have ended all too soon, but he now has apricots and melons.
Back to the lettuce. When I was washing today's I found the tiniest little snail in it. It is lovely and so tiny, with a transparent body and shell. I just couldn't resist taking its photo to share with you. To get a closer look, click on the photo. Just to give you an idea of its size, it's crawling along one of the apricots!

1 comment:

  1. cute little fella...

    I have a wonderful pic of Jack holding 2 larger snails but I fear one that small wouldn't last long in his sticky mitts!!

    C x