Saturday, 25 September 2010


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I'm very busy both at home and at work at the moment, but I still try to find time to do at least a little bit of crochet. Small, short projects are my favourites at the moment. I found this really cute pattern here, and it was so much fun to make. Each part is made separately and then sewn together so it's easy to spread over a few days. At just 8 cm tall, this little rabbit (I think) is just perfect. Apparently, it's from an anime and is called Atashi, but I've never heard of it before, I just found it so cute. Normally it should be holding a star but I didn't have one. I did however find a cute lilac flower in my beads box, and I felt it would suit. You can't see her feet very well in the photo, but she does have two, honest!

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