Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Bright, bright, bright

Aren't those colours just gorgeous? I've been shopping again. The lovely lady who sells yarn at our local market had a sale on, and I just couldn't resist stocking up on my favourite cotton yarn. It is rather thin, about equivalent to 4-ply, and I crochet it with a 2.5mm hook, so it's not good for doing large projects. But it is ideal for little things, and I chose bright colours with lots creative ideas in mind.She even offered me an extra one for free.

I used some of the new yarn to make 'tails' for the new felt flowers I've made. They are so quick and easy, I just love making them. Someone asked me what they can be used for, my ideas are: as a decoration, or a bookmark, to attach to a bag (and maybe to make your suitcase easily recognisable when travelling), and even as an original bracelet. Any other ideas?


  1. Wow those yarns are so beautiful!!! I love the colors. These felt flowers are beautiful!!! Another use for them would be a sachet, what do you think?

  2. Thanks Elo, I was thinking of putting a small amount of lavender in with the stuffing. Is that what you mean? Then they can hang in the wardrobe and make clothes smell nice :-)

  3. Yes!!! it would be nice !!!
    And I love the idea to attach them to bags too!!!

  4. Hmmm I went to the market today and looked at the lavender but it was very expensive and no guarantee that it would smell nice. I'm going to a car boot sale tomorrow so who knows, someone might be wanting to sell their old lavender ?!
    Even if I don't find lavender, I'm eager to go and see what surprises I can pick up. I love car boot sales. Here they call them "empty your attic" sales. The name always makes me laugh because most people live in apartment blocks lol.