Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Giraffe!

Here's my latest crochet project, and surely the last one in 2010!
I want to improve it somewhat beforehand, but in the next couple of weeks I should be able to make the pattern available here on my blog.
Do tell me if you have any good ideas for a name for this little giraffe. I was thinking of "Stiggy", as it's a striped giraffe, but we're open to suggestions :-)


  1. Oh my...what a cute little man (has to be man as he's blue!)

    I think he's actually smiling at the camera!

    Stiggy is an excellent name too...

    C x

  2. what a cute thing he is my suggestions would have to be bandy, boomer(do not know where that one came from), sergeant(thats when you get your first stripes in the army) lol
    hope this helps ttfn Nicole

  3. Thank you for your suggestions :-)

    I'm sorry I've not got around to writing up the pattern yet as I'm making lots and lots of other things at the moment. This little guy (whatever his name may be) went to my other great-nephew Alfie. I'll have to ask Alfie's Mum if he calls it anything at all. Alfie's 16 months old so not talking much yet but maybe his brother and sister will have had some ideas :D.
    Enjoy your Sunday!