Sunday, 23 January 2011

Goodbye and hello again

A few days ago I decided to merge my two blogs, and now it's done! I've imported all the posts from somethingbetterinstead to this blog. I found I was invariably pasting stuff on both blogs, or wasn't sure where the items should go. So now everything will go to just one place.

This blog is no longer only about amigurumi crochet soft toys, but lots of other things as well. You can find more general things about how I spend my time, including some yummy recipes and some of my ideas about more serious stuff as well.

I would love to receive your ideas of how I can improve my blog. If you have any ideas, please insert them in the comments box below. And if you're wondering what the photo is - it's the sky seen from my kitchen window a few months ago. It looked better in real life but I thought the photo's not bad either, eh?

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