Saturday, 21 May 2011

Free colouring pages, for a change

Sorry I've not been blogging recently. The explanation, or rather the explanations, are two small humans, aged 5 and 3 who are spending two weeks on holiday here with us. As my youngest child is now 14 and way taller than me, I'm used to having "grown-up" conversations with him, and having to explain and keep an eye on the little ones during every single instant that they're awake is very different! I've had no time to blog and hardly any time to crochet.

Instead, I've rediscovered colouring in (great fun!) and rather than printing stuff out, I prefer to draw pictures myself for the children to colour in with pencil crayons or felt-tip pens. I managed to scan three of them before they were used so that I could make them available here on my blog, and readers can print them out for your own little ones to colour in. If you click on the images they'll open up in a new window and I think you should be able to print them on A4 paper (you might have to "save as..."). As well as the fish at the top of the page, I drew a mandala:
And some funny little birds:

We've also had fun cutting out, and painting, and making and modelling play dough. We also brought the big box of Duplo up from the basement and the wonderful Fisher Price garage that I've kept for all these years is in full swing, with its great lift and the little bell that rings each time they turn the handle. My collection of amigurumi toys is also very popular. They each have their favourites, and each evening we get them out and play with them during the "quiet time" just before bedtime. They each asked me to make they a toy to take home with them, so I'm crocheting when I have time - mostly when they're in bed in the evening, and I just have to make sure I finish before their daddy comes to get them.

Anyway I must get along now and prepare our next activity. Even though I'll miss them when they've gone back home, I must admit that part of me is looking forward to things getting back to normal soon!


  1. idiots :P
    can't even provide us with a nice page of colouring..... DUMBO'S

  2. I don't see the point of your comment. If you want different colouring pages than the ones I offer, just go and look elsewhere! (And while you're at it, you might want to learn how to use apostrophes correctly)