Sunday, 29 May 2011

Happy Blogversary to me - and my first giveaway!

Today my blog is a year old!

When I started it on 29 May 2010, blogging was something new for me and I just thought I'd give it a try. I'd only learned about amigurumi a couple of months earlier and I'd not made anything out of felt since I was in primary school! And between you and me, it was rare that I keep anything going for more than a few weeks. However, with this blog, the novelty has not worn off.

One year later I'm on my 62nd post and I have written six original crochet patterns, not to mention my felt creations, and I've typed up five of my favourite recipes. The blog contains 113 comments, and to date I have 44 followers. The most popular page is the Chubby Teddy pattern, that has alone had almost 16,000 page views.

This special anniversary has prompted me to offer my first giveaway! The giveaway has an owl theme (just because I like owls). To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment below telling me how I can improve the blog. Would you like more free patterns? How about a felt creation tutorial? Or some more recipes? What do you think of the new free colouring pages? Would you like to buy anything on the blog? Should I think about opening a shop? Et si je bloguais en français?

You can leave a second comment if you're a follower, to increase your chances of winning. Please make sure I know how to contact you, either by including your email address in your comment or sending it to my email address (see my profile). The winner of the giveaway will be chosen randomly and will receive:

One felt owl brooch of your choice (remember to mention which one you would like if you win).

An owl keyholder (if you want to make your own, it's a free Ravelry download by Susanne Madsen)

An owl rubber stamp, and some free samples of my favourite French lotions and potions.

The giveaway is open until Sunday 12th June. Please share the news about it on your own blog so that everyone can join in. If this giveaway is a success, there will be more, I promise!


  1. Congratulations to you! Your owls are soo cute! You know, my little son is a huge owl fan, so I would choose number 3 for him. I don`t think your blog needs any improvement, I like it as it is, but I would be happy if you could make a felt creation tutorial. Oh, and I like your recipes! Many greetings to you and have a lot of fun in your second blog-year!

  2. Happy blogiversary. Your blog is lovely, I have got into a rut with mine for now,because we may be relocating again and life is complicated. However, I love looking at other people's blogs.

    Jen x

  3. Congratulations! I love your blog and it has inspired me to make more of my own patterns. I would love to see a felt tutorial because I love your felt creations but I've never really made anything out of felt. Your free patterns are fabulous and it would be wonderful to see more. My favorite felt owl brooch would have to be number 6 (I love that color!).


  4. I just saw the cutest little crochet shoes pattern on Ravelry and it led me here. Congrats on making it a year and thank you for offering great stuff for us. It's nice to see a variety of things for me to try out. I've tried the baby rainbow sandal pattern and loved it. Before purchasing a pattern from an author, I always try out a free pattern they yes I would most definately buy on from you. It also seems like you quickly respond to your "audience" when a question about the pattern comes up which also helps me when I'm deciding on whether or not to buy from an author.
    As far as opening a shop, I'd say go for it. Judging from the pictures, you make nice quality items. If and/or when you open shop, remember the pictures help draw the people to you. Check out Etsy and Big Cartel.
    I'm not pro or anything but I am a pattern/craft shopper and I know what catches my eye. Just figured I'd give ya my two cents. ;) Hope that helps. Good luck and I wish you the best. You're good so just go for it.

    P.S. Would you mind if I post a link to your blog on a crocheting mom group site I'm a part of? I think they'd would like you blog and you might get a couple more followers.

  5. I'm your newest follower. :)

  6. Thanks everyone for the ideas so far. Hmm... a felt tutorial eh? I'll see what I can rustle up.
    Welcome to the blog, Genevieve, and please spread the link to my blog among your crocheting mom friends. The more the merrier!

  7. Hi,
    I would love to take part in the giveaway. My little boy likes the green owl best.