Monday, 20 February 2012

Marcel, Elly and bunny doudou

Hello there! Well what a terrible, terrible blogger I am. I hang my head in shame. Not only have I not blogged for way too long, but the number of followers has passed the 100 mark and I haven't yet organised anything special to celebrate. Oh dear.
But I have been very busy. That's my excuse. Honestly, life at home and at work has been rather... challenging for the last week or two (or three). I'm sure that some of you can sympathise. But hey ho, there's nothing like a spot of crochet to keep one sane. So I've been making. Up there you can see Marcel the mallard (a very good friend of the last post's Ducky). Marcel is awaiting the organic market at the end of May, hoping to find a new home there.
A pattern for Marcel and Ducky is in the pipeline, but still in the experimental phase. I'll need to make another one or two before it's publishable.

Then we have Elly. Here she is in her egg cup.
Elly is tiny and I think she may well end up as a key ring. Once she manages to escape from the egg cup. The inspiration for Elly came from Dawn Toussaint's Padma, but I made a lot of changes to the pattern and Elly really is quite unique. 

Lastly we have a brand new doudou. This time it's a bunny.

Bunny doudou is made with Debbie Bliss aran eco cotton yarn, and will also be on sale at the organic market. The pattern is very similar to my teddy doudou pattern, but bunny has a hidden secret - she is also a puppet. 

Well I'm afraid that's it for today. You'll have to wait a little while longer for our litle celebration, but I did want to say I love that the number of followers has reached and gone beyond one hundred. I love reading your comments, and I hope that you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy sharing it with you. 

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  1. Aw! They are so sweet. I need to organise a giveaway also, so we can both hang our heads in shame.

    Madison xxx