Sunday, 4 March 2012

My first doll!

Hello there!  My amigurumi activity has until now been solely devoted to toy animals (and a robot) and until now I'd never made a doll. For many years I dreamed about sewing a rag doll but nothing ever came of it, so when I found this pattern I decided to give it a try. The pattern calls for quite a heavy yarn which, going from some of the comments, makes rather a large doll. So I decided to use Debbie Bliss eco baby yarn (sports weight, somewhere between 4ply and DK) and a 3mm hook, and my doll is 26cm or 10 inches tall. I'm not extremely happy with her hair, but never mind. 

Here she is in her underwear! Her legs are really the same length, even though they don't look it in this photo. 

I made the dress from my own pattern, and I'm making some shoes for her too. I remember how much fun it is to dress your dolly. Made from organic cotton, she will be for sale at the organic market at the end of May.

I also finished this keyring at the weekend:

It's a small version of my very own owl pattern. I used some left over Catania yarn and a 2.5 mm hook to make this 8cm/3 inch cutie. I love the result you can obtain from this yarn/hook combination, but it's a bit hard on the fingers and takes a lot longer to make than you'd imagine. Worth every minute, though. 


  1. Your doll is sooo beautiful! I love her hair and her little hair-band! She has a lovely smile! It is always difficult for me to get the face right. And your owl is soo cute, I will try to make one too.
    Have a wonderful evening!!!

    1. Thank you Barbina :-)
      For the smile, I just did a straight stitch across, and then two tiny stitches to give it the right shape. I look forward to seeing your owl. I can't stop making them!

  2. Sua boneca ficou linda, adorei! Você faz coisas muito fofas, parabéns!