Saturday, 19 March 2011

Felt owl brooches

Another thing to tick off my list! Today I finished off the fourth owl brooch, it was the little blue one. Do you remember when they looked like this? I call this group my English owls because I bought the felt and the gingham ribbon on my last trip to the UK. The ribbon was a very good bargain from the local market, I couldn't believe how cheap it was! And the felt was from my hobbycraft trip. I think I now have enough felt to make a couple of hundred owls! I also made another little brooch, but I'll show that one to you another day because I've not taken its photo yet.
Today I went to the local (French) market and tried to get some more of the shiny faceted beads I use for my owls' eyes. But there weren't any! The lady who I buy from in the market didn't have any left, what a disappointment... I did buy a different kind, but I'm not really convinced they'll look as good. We'll see.
My craft supplies have been getting a bit out of hand and taking over my life and my bedroom! I've emptied out the top drawer of the chest of drawers in the hall and I'm sorting out my stuff and moving it in there. I've started with my ribbon stash and I'm quite pleased with myself - instead of having all the ribbon in a bag getting mixed up it is now neatly arranged in an old watch box.

How do you managed to keep your stuff in order? Please do let me know, I need as many ideas as I can get!
Have a great Sunday!

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