Saturday, 12 March 2011

I heart you!

I don't know why, but I' ve been in a heart-making mood. It must be love.

I made these lovely red hearts with this pattern from Red Heart (of course!) and my favourite yarn (Catania cotton for any newcomers who don't yet know that it's my favourite yarn)

I also made a pink one, with different soft, squidgy yarn

and while I was in my hearts mood, I made a granny heart too. No idea what to do with this one.

I've also been through my workbag and I've really should prioritise. I get so excited about starting new things that the old things tend to sit waiting patiently for me to get around to finishing them. It DOES feel good when I finish a project, but there are so many unfinished ones...

First the crochet projects:

  • Coasters for M+J  (4 out of 6 finished)
  • Jolly Green Giant socks for H (half of one sock made)
  • Llama worm for S (almost there!)
  • Granny square covers for my poufs (no started yet but my poufs really need them)
  • Bootees for baby C (the idea for that lovely wool I bought in the UK in February)
  • Garfield that I started over a year ago (no comment)

and finally a Llama for MAW (that I AM GOING TO FINISH THIS WEEKEND)

Then the sewing projects

  • The four felt owls from my last post
  • An owl pyjama case (about half done)
  • Little dress for ???  (about half done)

So I have made a resolution: no more new projects until I've finished all of these. I'm going straight away now to finish off the llama. I'll post them up here as I finish them, so that we can all see where I'm up to! If you see me talking about anything new, please do me a favour and remind me that I've lots of other things to finish off first!

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