Friday, 4 March 2011

Spring in colours

Owl brooches WIP
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It's not yet Spring, but I can tell it's on the way. Not only are lots of the blogs I follow displaying photos of sunshine and flowers, but even in my part of the world, where the winters tend to be longer and colder, probably due to the proximity of two mountain ranges, the first signs of spring are peeping out from the ground. After yet another cold, grey spell, this morning there was sunshine and birdsong. Yes, I know the birds in the photo are not going to be singing any time soon, the poor things don't have beaks yet.

You may remember that I bought lots of bright felt last time I went to the UK. It had been sitting waiting for me to do something with it, and this week I took the plunge. I've started on four new owl brooches. This is where they're up to, and I just had to take a photo of them with their beady eyes shining! Watch out for the finished owlies, they should be along quite soon.

On my way to work I spotted these gorgeous crocuses.

Then as I walked past the flower shop I couldn't miss these.

I don't know what you think, but I prefer the crocuses.

The flowers in the shop look too bright, they almost look as if they contain additives. They make me think of those bright sweets that are bursting with food colouring and sugar but don't actually contain anything useful. They're pretty, but just a little bit too bright.

At least now it's the weekend so tomorrow, sunshine permitting, I'll be out with my camera once again trying to catch a glimpse of some more springtime cheer.


  1. Hiya,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. It's an odd old thing, isn't it? However, I love yours and really like the odd blog world - it's a journey that is helping my long lost creativity to wake up.

    Love your little creations, isn't crochet wonderful - if someone had told me 20 years ago what a granny with crochet i'd be at 40, i would have laughed and used some bad language!

    best wishes

    Jen x

  2. I agree totally! I wonder now what I did before started crochet again. Oh yes I remember, housework, ironing... wow that was a long time ago!