Saturday, 23 April 2011

Back to crochet with a bunny rattle

Bunny rattle
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I have had the permission from my physiotherapist to do a little bit of crochet, as long as I don't experience any pain.
So, very slowly, I have been making this little rabbit. It's a rattle for my friend's baby.
This kind of project would usually take me one afternoon, but as I've been taking things very slowly it took me about four days to complete.
I had recuperated a rattle from the inside of another very old toy before throwing it away and it was a perfect fit for the bunny's head. I used some yarn from my stash - a slightly shiny, slightly stretchy yarn that made a nice soft finish. I embroidered the eyes and mouth so there's nothing dangerous for the baby, and I also lined the head and body so there's no chance of the stuffing coming out.
Oh I almost forgot, if you want to make a rabbit like this one, you can get the pattern here.


  1. sorry to hear about your wrist. I had a broken toe last August which was very debilitating, but did actually mean I got back into doing papier mache so its an ill wind!

  2. It's a lovely one :)
    And above all you can make it with a problem to your wrist!
    Hope it will be better soon.

  3. Thanks Christelle, your comment means a lot to me :-)