Friday, 8 April 2011

Feeling sorry for myself

If I'm feeling sorry for myself, it's not because of the view from my kitchen window.

If I'm feeling sorry for myself, it's not because the strawberry plants on my balcony are bursting into flower.

It's not because of the view from the balcony either.

I'm feeling sorry for myself because I've injured my right wrist and I can't draw, write, sew or crochet. Typing is a slow, one-handed process and... it hurts!

Luckily the weather is glorious and the weekend is here. But no more crochet? Aaaarrrggghhhh!


  1. I know it's hard not to work with our hands... but be patient! It's better to wait a little bit for you total recovery!!!!!So after that you'll crochet all over again!!!!
    Take care!

  2. Oh, poor Aisha! So sorry you've hurt your wrist. It reminds me of when I had to have my right hand bandaged and couldn't knit for ages. It was so frustrating. But as Eloisa says, recovery can't be hurried. You'll just have to comfort yourself with your glorious view and lovely flowers.

  3. Thank you! Your lovely comments warm my heart. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

  4. hope it feels better soon!!